Celebrate Women's Friendship Month


September is officially women’s friendship month! This means it is time to celebrate your girlfriends for being there for you whenever you need them. Female friends are so special they become sisters. Here are some unique gift ideas to show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them!

Flowers are always great a friendship gift! Our florists at Central Florist in Alameda, CA are here to help you find the perfect unique gift for your female friends. The floral arrangement Fall Farmhouse Pitcher is a perfect friendship gift if you want to brighten-up your female friends day! We can always deliver them to their house or their work and make their month even more special.

Have a spa day with your girlfriends to celebrate women’s friendship month! You can all go together to the spa and get facials and a relaxing massage. If the budget is a little tight, look for grunion deals online. Your friends will forever remember this amazing experience

Candles are always a good friendship gift choice! To make this friendship gift more unique, consider buying each of your friends a scent that represents them. For example, if you have a friend that loves the beach, get them a sea side scented candle. Candles are the perfect gift to show your lady friends how much you love them!

September is the perfect month to show your girlfriends how much they mean to you! Get them a gift to thank them for always being there for you when you need them! If you need any help finding the perfect floral arrangement for your lady friends that are more like sisters, our florist at Central Florist in Alameda, CA are here to help. Now that you have some ideas go out and celebrate your female friends!

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