Girls Only: Celebrating Your Sisters and Best Friends


Send her some love because she has always had your back. Surprise her with a little more than your daily checking-in text. A flower bouquet will brighten her day. She deserves the world, but it is in the small gestures that mean the world to her.

The month of August is filled with holidays recognized across the globe. Females all around the world are given the entire month to celebrate GIRL POWER! A full month to celebrate the only other girl in the world who likes to eat candy as much as you do! Our florists at Central Florist in Alameda, CA, want to help you celebrate the good times in the best way we know how- with flowers. The Blooming Love Flower Arrangement is a great start!

Do you have a sister or a friend who is like a sister to you? August is the month to celebrate your sister or your friends who are close enough to be a sister. Pick a Friday and meet her at the beach, relax and grab a bite to eat. Most importantly, pick a day and surprise her with a beautiful bouquet to remind her of the beauty she adds to your life.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Happy Hour is a great time to meet up and wind down with your BFF. Hit a happy hour at your favorite local restaurant. Order some drinks and appetizers. Take a stroll down memory lane and finish the time with a reminder of why August is the time to celebrate each other. Our flower arrangements will help you celebrate in a beautiful way.

Laugh until you both start crying. Sing until you have no voice and take hundreds of pictures together. Live in the moment and create memories to last a lifetime. Use August to either catch up with a friend you haven't seen recently or celebrate your girlfriend. Our florists at Central Florist in Alameda, CA, want to help celebrate your girlfriend and best friend this August with flowers to fit the occasion.

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