How-to Prepare for Your Fall Wedding... NOW.

Winter, spring, summer and fall- all you got to do is call... and book those vendors, buy that dress and plan your heart out for your coming fall wedding. Don’t let time pass you by. Prepare and conquer your dream day with these top ways to prepare for your fall wedding... now.

Ladies, we know you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Wedding planning seems to never give you the satisfaction of running smoothly. If one thing is finished, another three things appear. No one ever truly understands how much goes into coordinating your wedding day.

Odds are, you already have announced your list of bridesmaids, and the color scheme is set in stone. However, if you are facing some last-minute vendor changes or haven’t booked a vendor for your wedding, we are here to help. There is no definite way for how-to find last-minute wedding vendors because you are working around so many different factors, but when life gives you lemons...

Last-Minute Wedding Planner

Cancellations and unplanned mishaps are what make wedding planning so stressful. It is moments like these that truly test who we are as people and who you are as a couple. This could be one of the most trying times in your marriage, and you haven’t officially tied the knot yet. Take a second and think. You don’t have to do it on your own. Whether your wedding planner fell through, or you hadn’t considered one up until now, be willing to hand some things over. The added cost will be worth your sanity.

A last-minute wedding planner doesn’t come easy. Typically, a full-service wedding planner needs to be booked 11 months in advance and 9 months at the least. If you are closely approaching your big day, consider handing things over to a trusted family member or friend if a wedding planner isn’t an option. If you feel weird about asking a family member or close friend to take on all that work, you can always pay them for their time. If that’s too weird, there are other options.

There is good news! There are day-of and month-of coordinators out there. If you are looking to book last-minute wedding planners, sometimes, all it takes is a quick Google search or ask a local florist for their recommendations. We work with plenty of wedding planners. The good news is a day-of or month-of planner is not as expensive. Using that extra padding in the budget for a day-of or month-of wedding coordinator is well worth avoiding the excess stress.

Last-Minute Caterer/Baker

The key to his heart is through his stomach. When booking caterers or bakers for your wedding, you want to make sure they are going to make something you both will enjoy. Booking last-minute caterers or bakers can be a bit of a sticky situation. It limits your options, and you’ll want something decent to eat on your wedding day, so you are both fueled to dance the night away.

Sometimes the best approach to finding a last-minute caterer or baker is to search through mom and pop shops or other small businesses in your town. There may be a surcharge involved because you waited until the last minute, but after careful research of reviews and asking the right questions (I.E. Do you have a liquor license, servers, etcetera?) then it may be the best last-minute decision you ever made.

Last-Minute Wedding Officiant

I now pronounce you... saved by our wedding guides. If you need a last-minute wedding officiant, there is no need to stress. You have a variety of options. It all depends on preference and beliefs. If you want your family’s pastor to officiant, all it takes is whether the availability is right. If not, many pastors, reverends and other religious leaders are often more than willing to officiate (even on a whim).

If that isn’t what you want, all you need is a notary. If you don’t know one or don’t want to pay one, talk with a close friend about becoming one. Depending on the state they live in, it only takes 4-9 weeks to become a notary. A loved one could always conduct the ceremony, but they cannot legally marry you. You would have to get an ordained minister or notary to sign off for legal purposes.

Either option gives you the opportunity to personalize your wedding even more. It makes the ceremony even more beautiful, and what better person to join you in wholly matrimony than someone who is close to your heart?

Last-Minute Photographer/Videographer

Finding your wedding photographer or videographer can be one of your toughest challenges yet. One of the reasons it is so challenging is that inner debate on whether you need one or not. One thing can be said. You can’t go wrong with having a visual reminder of your big day that you can cherish forever. In fact, studies show that brides report not having paid for a videographer as their biggest regret from their wedding planning.

It can be costly. The cost of hiring a videographer often ranges from $1,000-$2,500. However, it is an irreplaceable treasure. When looking at how to book photographers and videographers last minute, it is important to not overthink it. Do your research and contact the ones that stand out to you. They are used to last-minute bookings. Most videographers will accept your booking if the slot is open, but you won’t know unless you reach out and ask. This is your wedding day we are talking about. Capturing those moments make all the wedding planning stress worth it.

Be sure that you request to see a photographer or videographer’s work before agreeing to anything. Talk with them about your expectations and theirs. Find out what deadlines you are looking at for proofs and final products. This is a costly part of your wedding planning budget. Make it worth your while. The pictures and video from your big day are what will keep the day’s memories living on. The extra cost is worth high-quality work that you can look back on for years to come.

Last-Minute DJ

There are more DJs out there than you can possibly imagine. It is so easy to call yourself a DJ. A nephew with an iPhone could DJ your wedding. Doesn’t mean you want him to. Whether you have waited until the last-minute or need to do a last-minute DJ switch, the DJ you choose can really make a difference when it comes to how well your wedding flows.

If you have a wedding planner or month-of coordinator, they will be able to help you weed out DJ wannabes. Odds are your planner has worked with several or at least heard about them. Booking last-minute DJs can pose a challenge because they are typically booked far in advance. However, if the slot is open, they’ll be there. Do your research and call and ask. The worst thing they can say is no. At that point, you move on to the next option. If you don’t ask, there is no shot at all.

If you are looking for how-to book a good last-minute DJ, you came to the right place. Just like any other vendor, it is all about the questions you ask. Look for recommendations, reviews and talk with them about their work. Ask them about the jobs they have DJ’d previously and see if your style and their style mesh well. If not, it is important to see if they can adapt to what you’re looking for. If not, keep looking. There is a DJ out there for you.

Last-Minute Florist

With every final detail completed, something new seems to appear. Something needs to be added to your dress, a bridesmaid forgot to order her shoes or better yet, she forgot her outfit all together. The details never seem to stop, and you can’t help but stress because you are the BRIDE. Everyone will be looking at you and the final product.

Booking a last-minute florist for a wedding is not easy. As much as we want to be there for everything you need, the time and work that goes into creating what you want can become a major roadblock. For us to be able to put together something beautiful for your big day, you’ll have to talk with us and figure out what it is that you want or need.

It is important to know your budget. What do we have to work with? If you are planning last minute, stick with local and seasonal blooms. We can help with the knowledge you’ll need. The fewer types of flowers the better. If you are booking wedding flowers last minute, stick with a more simplistic concept- one to two types of blooms. Greenery is always a great supplement or filler.

Our florists at Central Florist in Alameda, CA, are here to help make sure every dream is made into a reality. We want your day to be as perfect as you imagined. Let us work with you to create a wedding that is worthy of everything you love. Booking a florist last minute may limit your options, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are here when you need us.

Last-Minute Venue

It is a myth that early venue booking is essential. It’s not, but you are taking a risk on availability. Sometimes booking last-minute can save you a lot of money. Most venues would rather offer a major discount, so they can fill a gap in their schedule that has no booking at all. Just remember, there is no guarantee when booking last minute.

If you are looking for how-to book a venue last minute the right way, don’t forget to ask all the same questions. Check their guidelines. Some venues require that you use their vendors and staff. You can negotiate out of that. Don’t agree to something just because you are booking with them last minute. Odds are, everything else is already booked. You won’t want to go through canceling with all the vendors you had booked just because of the venue you booked last minute’s guidelines.

Booking a vendor last minute can limit your options, but it doesn’t have to ruin your big day. Agree to whatever you want or whatever makes sense for your budget, but don’t come out of wedding planning with regrets. Some brides wait their whole lives for this day. Others dread the process altogether and would rather elope. Either way, make this day something you are proud of and do things you will both enjoy. The goal should be to come out of it all having made memories and married to the person who you love so much.

No matter what life throws at you and how difficult it is to find last-minute wedding vendors, be sure to shop around, take a breath and remember what this time is all about. You have what so many spend their lives searching for. You are about to marry the love of your life. If your wedding vendors aren’t exactly what you were looking for, it is important to remind yourself that all that matters are the two of you making it down the aisle and into the rest of your lives together.

Ultimately, your wedding day is going to be so busy that all the little things don’t even cross your mind. Years down the road, you won’t even be thinking about how the napkins were white instead of cream or the food wasn’t from a 5-star restaurant. You’ll be thinking about the love that filled the air and the warm fuzzy feelings you felt when you saw your special someone at the end of the aisle. You’ll still have what matters most- each other. We hope these tips for booking last-minute wedding vendors help you, but what we care about most is that you remember to enjoy your big day and all the love it entails.

Happy wedding planning and an even happier- happily ever after!

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