Romantic Red Roses for a Wedding


When planning for your perfect wedding day, it is important to dress up your look with the appropriate flowers. Your flowers will accent the space, your bridal party, your groomsmen and your fairytale dress. It is important to look for the wedding flowers that will tie everything together. Let our professionals at Central Florist - 1-800-Flowers in Alameda, CA create some wedding rose arrangements for you that complement the beauty in your wedding day.

Add a playful touch to your bridesmaid bouquet with some daisies. Accent your red wedding roses with some bright red daisies. The All Red Bridesmaid Bouquet does just that. This combination simplifies the bridesmaids look with a fun twist. These wedding roses leave the bride with room to shine when holding this all-red wedding rose bouquet. It is a brilliant combination and a bold accent that will show up great in photos!

A wedding day is about the bride and groom. They're at their best. They look their best, and they are at their happiest. When a bride is planning for their day, they want everything to be perfect and want to feel extra special. The Red And White Personal Package is one way to help the bride feel like all eyes are on her. Wedding roses of any kind are sure to make any bride feel special. All-white wedding roses help reflect the pure beauty of the bride on her day.

When planning a wedding, don't forget to incorporate all things beautiful and romantic. Wedding Roses will forever be a classic and have remained one of the most popular flowers. Their look, smell and meaning make it an ideal wedding flower. When considering wedding roses, let our florists at Central Florist - 1-800-Flowers in Alameda, CA help you make your day special!

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